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09/28/23 Starting Your Business, Surrogate Self-Care

09/28/23 Starting Your Business, Surrogate Self-Care

Running a Successful Business. Michelle Renee


  • Building your Network

  • Marketing (website pros and cons; who do you want to market to, therapists or clients?)

  • Business organizational structure, i.e. LLC vs Sole Proprietor

  • Banking and bookkeeping

  • Insurance (though I haven't moved forward on looking into that too far but have a very basic policy that doesn't cover the erotic side of our work)

  • Taxes (quarterly estimated, annual filing)

  • Physical space, where to work, how to find a location

  • Policies and Procedures: cancellation policy, client agreements, release of information, consent


Surrogate Self-Care


RN, a Certified Surrogate Partner with 7 years of experience, will address surrogate self-care: maintaining healthy boundaries and caring for yourself as you care for your clients.


SPT can be emotionally taxing. Therefore self-care and maintaining good boundaries is extremely important. RN will give examples of how these boundaries can be held while still giving to one's clients, offering sample responses to use when clients try to push against boundaries that have been set. RN will stress the importance of consistency with clients in order to create a safe space for them to grow while also serving to maintain healthy boundaries around the work.


About the Presenters

This session will go from 3:30 to 6:10 Pacific time, which includes 2.5 hours and allows for a 10-minute break somewhere in the middle, at a time that is appropriate for the material.

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