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11/30/23 Ethics and Legality

11/30/23 Ethics and Legality

Ethics and Legality in SPT. Lou Hanson


The ethics and legality in SPT can be viewed in the wider ethics and legality in the field of SPT, as well as in the nuanced decisions we face as Surrogate Partners on a regular basis. 


Whole field ethics will be covered to include history and differentiation across modalities to provide broader context and understanding for how the work is seen through a legal lens.  Trainees will also discuss current political climate, as well as resources and advocacy opportunities, to frame what it means to be a Surrogate Partner today.  


In addition to understanding our field ethics, trainees will also explore ethical dilemmas that come up regularly in our work, including how to market yourself as an SP, decisions on cost of our services, navigating dilemmas with therapists in the triadic model, and making tough decisions about client boundaries.


Red Flags: Some things to watch out for. Andrew Heartman


Here we discuss 7 different potential problem areas that sometimes arise in SPT and what can be done about them.


About the Presenters


This session will go from 3:30 to 6:10 Pacific time, which includes 2.5 hours and allows for a 10-minute break somewhere in the middle, at a time that is appropriate for the material.

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