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09/21/23 Starting Your Practice

09/21/23 Starting Your Practice

Queering my Practice: the Case for Sliding Scale. Katherine Yeagel


As a surrogate partner, it can be easy to end up with a homogenous caseload even if you're trying to market yourself more broadly. This presentation will review the tools I've found most helpful for diversifying your clientele and building a well balanced practice -- across gender, sexuality, race, ability, age, and presenting issue.


Honoring Your Own Authenticity as a Surrogate Partner. Eileen Chao


Conducting a Three-Way Meeting. Andrew Heartman


This session will prepare you to conduct an effective three-way meeting, including having the opportunity to role-play one. Even in cases where the three-way meeting is not possible or practical, the procedures used will be valuable at the start of any client relationship. The majority of the time will be devoted to three-way meetings, however if there is additional time, we may also address goal setting.


About the Presenters


This session will go from 3:30 to 6:10 Pacific time, which includes 2.5 hours and allows for a 10-minute break somewhere in the middle, at a time that is appropriate for the material.


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