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7/25/24 Supporting South Asian Clients and Clients of Size

7/25/24 Supporting South Asian Clients and Clients of Size

Beyond the Monolith: Collaborating with Clients from the South Asian Diaspora


South Asia encompasses diverse ethnicities within its diaspora, including populations from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, each with distinct cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Home to an estimated 1,600 languages spoken, the region presents a rich tapestry of diversity.


When working with clients from the South Asian diaspora, it is crucial to recognize its non-monolithic nature and understand the intersections of their identities. Therapists and surrogate partners collaborating with clients from South Asian backgrounds need to be culturally attuned to the unique cultural aspects that influence their mental health experience.


Therefore, this webinar will explore the impact of colonialism, acculturation stress, and the model minority myth, providing insight into the nuanced nature of intersecting identities among South Asian clients. We will delve into the intricate tapestry of South Asian family dynamics, deeply entrenched in collectivist principles, and their significance in therapeutic contexts. Additionally, we will explore South Asian attitudes toward gender, relationships, intimacy, touch, nudity, and sexuality. Lastly, we will examine how practitioners can adapt their approach to respect South Asian collectivist values while fostering individual well-being.


Join us for a conversation with Pooja Mamidanna, a South Asian LMFT practicing in the United States. Pooja will share insights from her clinical work, offering valuable perspectives gained through collaboration with South Asian clients. This webinar will encourage ongoing education for all of us, fostering a better understanding of how to serve the diverse South Asian community.


Working with Fat Clients in SPT, Carlene Ostedgaard


In this presentation, surrogate partners will be able to investigate the ways in which fat people are affected by fatphobia across myriad contexts such as media and the broader culture, the medical industry, and their interpersonal relationships. In doing so, we can then explore ways to guide our clients to healing their relationships with their bodies, their sexuality, and their ability to connect with others.


We will explore:


  • How fatphobia is linked to white supremacy and the reason fat liberation is often not a part of broader liberation movements

  • Terminology that is supportive when working with fat clients

  • Potential challenges that fat clients may be experiencing

  • Unique needs of fat clients

  • Skills and tools that may assist fat clients

  • How the safer sex talk looks different with fat clients

  • Resources


We are still awaiting confirmation from our other speaker.


About the Presenters


This session will go from 3:00 to 5:40 Pacific time, which includes 2.5 hours and allows for a 10-minute break somewhere in the middle, at a time that is appropriate for the material. Then the guest speakers will leave us, and there will be an additional half hour, from 5:40 to 6:10, which will be a facilitated discussion and integration of the prior content. This last half hour is optional, so if you’ve had enough at that point you are welcome to skip it. If you choose to stay, you will be invited to consider questions, either all together or in breakout groups, like “What most impacted you from today’s session?” “How do you think you can incorporate this in your work as a surrogate partner?”


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