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Cultivating a World of
Embodied Connection


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With All Your Heart
Same Sex Female Couple
With All Your Heart
Couple in Love

Humility. By listening and approaching different viewpoints with curiosity, we practice a willingness to be changed by others' worldviews.

Integrity. Our observable behavior is congruent with our values.

Transparency. We are open, honest, and straightforward about the functioning of the organization.

Compassion. We empathize, assuming we all have the potential for deep loving intimacy with self and others.

Responsibility. We each take responsibility for living our values, and agree to hold each other accountable as well.

Collaboration. We maximize collaboration and support among our clients and their team members, as well as among all members of this organization and our communities.

Ongoing Learning. Responsive and innovative, we fulfill our potential by deepening our self-awareness and knowledge as a life-long journey.

With All Your Heart
Young Love
With All Your Heart
Gay Couple
First Aid

We are a community of surrogate partners who model healthy intimacy skills, embodying our values in the way we relate to each other and conduct our training.

First Aid

We train surrogate partners to teach intimacy skills from within relationship. We support trainees by providing guidance and resources that empower them to flourish as professionals.

First Aid

We see a need to diversify the field, so we are committed to making our training inclusive and accessible. We are committed to creating and sustaining a learning community, in order to respond to changing needs and to elevate standards and evolve our profession.

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