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Eileen Chao, MA

Eileen Chao (she/her) is a queer, cisgender, kinky, polyamorous, Taiwanese American somatic sex coach. She is also a Certified Surrogate Partner and Certified Sexological Bodyworker. The scope of her practice focuses on helping her clients claim their authentic body, gender, and sexuality away from oppressive systems and cis hetero normativity. 

She works with clients on becoming more embodied, nervous system regulation, and cultivating a sense of curiosity and creativity with sexuality and bodies. She also offers kink education/exploration, and communication and intimacy skills. You can learn more at www.eileenchao.com

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Andrew Heartman: Co-Founder

Andrew (he/him) is an interpersonal relationship consultant specializing in recovery from trauma. He also has been a practicing surrogate partner for 12 years, and regularly shares the wisdom of his experience by mentoring surrogate partners in training, and by presenting to university classes, therapist organizations, and the general public about Surrogate Partner Therapy. He's committed to revitalizing SPT as a relevant and important healing modality, to increasing diversity (of both practitioners and clients), and to raising standards within the profession. More at surrogatepartner.us.