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Is intimacy your passion?
If so, you are needed.

You have a vision that includes helping others. You are comfortable with your body, your sexuality, and your emotions. You see the good in people and connect deeply. Your past partners have grown just by being with you. In effect, you’ve already been doing this sort of work in your personal life. Now, you’re ready to combine your natural ability with clinically validated approaches and start practicing “right livelihood.” Can you imagine earning income helping people by doing what you are naturally good at? Do you know you can develop your passion for intimacy as a profession?

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ogate Partner
Professional Training

Leading edge, comprehensive professional surrogate partner training is now available.

The unique characteristics of this training are:

  • We feature and celebrate diverse voices and experiences.

  • We orient our training towards anti-oppression and social justice.

  • We evaluate and certify trainees using a team-based process in collaboration with the trainee.

  • We clearly define and communicate the path to certification. 

The Path to Certification

The path to becoming an SPC-Certified Surrogate Partner consists of completing the following steps:

Step 1: Fundamentals of Embodied Intimacy, a 5-day, In-person Workshop. To enroll, submit the application fee and complete the application. We will then contact you to schedule an interview.

The Surrogate Partner Certification Program consists of Step 2: SPT-Specialized Professional Training and Step 3: Supervised Apprenticeship which may be completed in parallel. Once you have completed the required prerequisite Fundamentals of Embodied Intimacy, you may enroll, by submitting the application fee and completing the application. We will then contact you to schedule an interview.

Step 2: SPT-Specialized Professional Training, 12 weeks of live training by videoconference

Step 3: Supervised Apprenticeship 

Steps to Certification
Step 1. Fundamentals of Embodied Intimacy

Join us for an immersive experience into the skills that enable deeper, more fulfilling relationships with self and others.  This 5-day in-person experiential workshop is conducted by:

  • Professional surrogate partners with extensive experience in forming and maintaining intimate relationships, both personal and professional, and

  • Other experts in the areas of consent, embodiment, sexuality, intimacy, and trauma. 

We include an assortment of varied voices and experiences.


This workshop is intended for:

  • Anyone who feels called to become a surrogate partner

  • Sexuality and/or intimacy professionals looking for additional skillsets/education

  • Individuals who wish to have better, more authentic, more congruent relationships


This workshop is primarily experiential. Information and theory is only a small part of the program. Instead, we intend to create a context where you can learn from your own direct experience.


In this 5-day in-person workshop, you will have the opportunity to strengthen your capacity to:

  • Develop a deeper relationship with your own body in order to fully accept and embody your own experience, desires, and pleasure

  • Clearly communicate your inner experience and needs so you can be understood and fulfilled

  • Harness the inherent wisdom of your body in order to experience more fulfilling relationships

  • Own that you deserve pleasure

  • Love and trust yourself more deeply (than you can imagine)

  • Love, trust, and have compassion for others

  • Expand the connection and pleasure in your life

  • Accept your body as it is

  • Moderate the impacts of cultural conditioning on our interactions

  • Recognize whether or not interactions are coming from a clear request and agreement

Completing FEI does not mean you are qualified to practice as a surrogate partner, and you are not permitted to claim you are certified. You would, however, be able to apply to receive further training in the Surrogate Partner Certification Program.


The FEI workshop will including the following:

  • A host of embodiment techniques and opportunities designed to facilitate congruence between mind and body

  • The neurobiology of safety and trauma and how we can use it to deepen our connections

  • Distinguishing whether impulses come from the mind or the body

  • Sensate Focus

  • Wheel of Consent

  • Arousal Models, and how we can harness them to experience more pleasure


All of these will be taught/facilitated through your own direct embodied experience.

S1. Embodied Intimacy
Surrogate Partner Certification Program

"The way you support yourself can be an expression of your deepest self."

Thich Nhat Hanh

After you successfully complete the required prerequisite, Fundamentals of Embodied Intimacy, you are welcome to apply to continue with professional training to become certified as a surrogate partner. The Surrogate Partner Certification Program consists of Step 2: SPT-Specialized Professional Training and Step 3: Supervised Apprenticeship.​

Step 2. SPT-Specialized Professional Training

This SPT-specialized professional training is virtual, and will take place one day/week for 12 weeks, beginning within a month after Fundamentals of Embodied Intimacy. It includes:

  • Why SPT is especially important and relevant in modern times

  • How to develop a sustainable practice

  • Dual attunement

  • How to work with diverse clients

  • How to recognize trauma responses and gently guide clients back to regulation

  • How to help clients generalize to other relationships and experiences

  • Principles of ethical practice

  • Collaborating effectively with therapists/clinicians

  • Responding to therapists’ concerns

  • Best practices in self-care

  • Working with client attachment

  • Working with transference/countertransference

  • Red flags, What to watch out for

  • Case studies

S2. SP Training
Step 3. Supervised Apprenticeship

In the apprenticeship program, the apprentice sees clients under the supervision of qualified, experienced mentors. You will have the opportunity to work two cases to completion and to benefit from the experience of two mentors. We will do our best to assist you in finding suitable clients to work with during your apprenticeship.

S3. Apprenticeship
Ongoing Support
Ongoing Support

Working as a surrogate partner is unusual and unconventional. There are less than 100 of us practicing in the entire country. Furthermore, most others don’t understand the profession and may question your good intentions. This can leave you feeling isolated. We have experienced that isolation and survived it, and this has engendered in us a commitment that you won’t have that same experience. That’s why we guarantee you a warm, supportive community of other surrogate partners and other supportive professionals.

In addition to this leading edge training, you will also receive ongoing professional support, including:

  • Becoming part of a network of active surrogate partners

  • Professional consultation resources

  • Help with educating therapists in your area

  • Announcements to therapists organizations

  • Community forums and collaboration

  • Access to an extensive resource library, which includes SPT-related video, audio, and document templates​