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8/17/24 How to Help Generalize Surrogate Partner Therapy

8/17/24 How to Help Generalize Surrogate Partner Therapy

Presented by Andrew Heartman

One of the most important goals of Surrogate Partner Therapy is for the client to be able to generalize what they are learning to other experiences, including future relationships. In order to most effectively facilitate this, deliberate intention must be placed on the generalizing process. In this course, we will unravel the generalization process into its component parts, each of which can be supported in concrete ways.  


This presentation is the result of 13 years of personal research and exploration into what facilitates generalization. The methodology shared will be beneficial, not only for surrogate partners and collaborating clinicians, but for anyone wishing to generalize specific experiences to deeper awareness and internal capacity.  


Learning Objectives

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Define Generalization as it relates to Surrogate Partner Therapy

  • List 6 Elements of Generalization.

  • Describe 3 ways to help an SPT client generalize their SPT experience to future relationships. 

This session will go from 10am-12pm Pacific time. 

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