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8/29/24 Love has a Color: Working with Clients who Experience Racism

8/29/24 Love has a Color: Working with Clients who Experience Racism

Presented by Akilah Riley-Richardson


Persons who navigate racism experience considerable psychological challenges including anxiety, depression and other difficult, yet adaptive responses. Often ignored is the significant impact on their relationships and partnerships. This session will explore that impact, by highlighting the ways in this form of systemic trauma disrupts connection and one’s ability to be intimate with another person. In fact, feeling safe to connect to another human being can often feel like an elusive privilege for marginalized persons.  For this session, this “elusive privilege” is defined as Relational Privilege. We will explore strategies to assess the degree of Relational Privilege that persons possess and the various ways in which systemic trauma disrupts intimacy. We will also explore strategies to build Liberatory connections, which are corrective relational experiences that address the impact of racism within the context of a relationship.


At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Define Relational privilege.

  • Outline strategies to assess the degree of relational privilege that BIPOC experience in the context of a relationship.

  • Outline means of building liberatory connections for BIPOC and their partners.

  • Explain and practice the process of Responsible Externalising 



About the Presenters


This session will go from 3:00 to 5:40 Pacific time, which includes 2.5 hours and allows for a 10-minute break somewhere in the middle, at a time that is appropriate for the material. Then the guest speakers will leave us, and there will be an additional half hour, from 5:40 to 6:10, which will be a facilitated discussion and integration of the prior content. This last half hour is optional, so if you’ve had enough at that point you are welcome to skip it. If you choose to stay, you will be invited to consider questions, either all together or in breakout groups, like “What most impacted you from today’s session?” “How do you think you can incorporate this in your work as a surrogate partner?”


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