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Surrogate Partner Collective

Love. Intimacy. Connection.

At the Surrogate Partner Collective, we believe everyone is worthy of love and connection and that learning how to relate to others in a healthy way is the most valuable and important skill one can have. That's why we're working to increase awareness and acceptance of Surrogate Partner Therapy, and to bring this powerful healing modality to the people who need it most. Surrogate Partner Therapy helps people heal by creating an environment which is simultaneously supportive and lifelike. It does so by combining verbal therapy with opportunities for experiential learning and embodied practices. This facilitates healing and growth, not just intellectually, but at the level of the body and nervous system as well.

Surrogate Partner Therapy is specifically constructed to give a client opportunities for growth with relationships, communication, consent, touch, nudity, body image, and physical and emotional intimacy, while simultaneously having the support of their therapist all through the process. With the involvement of these two professionals with distinct roles, we create the opportunity to do genuine work with intimacy, sexuality and relationships, while still maintaining checks and balances and client protections.

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We are a network of surrogate partners and collaborating clinicians, providing education, certification, advocacy, and outreach. Our vision is to cultivate a world of embodied connection by teaching people how to love themselves and others. We are committed to revitalizing Surrogate Partner Therapy as a relevant and important healing modality and to raising standards within the profession. We are also committed to doing all we can to make the practice and community welcoming of, and responsive to, all flavors of diversity.

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The Surrogate Partner Collective is in the business of transforming lives. The work we do is aimed at promoting a holistic approach to solving intimacy and relational problems. We understand that by healing individuals, we can impact families, communities, and society as a whole. Each person whose life is touched by a surrogate partner will carry that love, light, and empowerment with them out into the world.

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We are a community of surrogate partners who model healthy intimacy skills, embodying our values in the way we relate to one another, and conduct our training.

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We train surrogate partners to teach intimacy skills from within relationship. We support trainees by providing guidance and resources that empower them to flourish as professionals.

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We see a need to diversify the field, so we are committed to making our training inclusive and accessible. We are committed to creating and sustaining a learning community, in order to respond to changing needs and to elevate standards and evolve our profession.

“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.”

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
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